Preserving Our Biodiversity

City parks and green spaces represent important habitats and Vestre is investigating how we can increase biodiversity in urban spaces through smart furniture design and vegetation interventions. Introducing Vestre Habitats!

Stop the Loss of Global Biodiversity

A million animals, plants and fungi are now threatened with extinction. Biodiversity is vital for all life on Earth because it makes life as we know it possible. Natural diversity can be preserved through more knowledge and protection.

Nature Can Be Saved

We will work for a better understanding and greater awareness and reverse the negative trend through our contribution: Functional and smart designer furniture which protects natural processes, such as degradation in dead wood. An apparently lifeless log can hide a teeming universe of species and microscopic habitats.

Urban biodiversity

Vestre Habitats DECAY EDGE - LEAF - WINGS

Vestre Habitats HOUSE

Vestre Habitats LOG

Product Overview


EDGE offers the possibility to create thriving micro habitats by combining different materials like stone, wood, organic matter, soil, different plants and elements of water. In that way an environment where critters can both hide and feed.


The HOUSE bench makes it possible to arrange one or many logs and branches in a organised pile where the slow decay can be experienced by the user.


LEAF is an insect hotel for giving insects a home in the heart of the city. The shape of the product is based on a stylised leaf. The design is minimalistic and also has a sculpture-like character which can easily be placed either alone or in groups.


The LOG bench makes it possible to arrange one or many logs and branches in an organised pile where the slow decay can be experienced by the user.


With the PILE bench, surplus materials from the garden in the form of large stones and gravel can easily be arranged to make stone piles.


The limiting factor on bird numbers is not a shortage of food, but a lack of safe holes in which to nest. This problem could be overcome quite easily by putting up more nest boxes.

Experience the Products

At Vestre, we have always put the user at the heart of the process when we design and develop new furniture solutions. During our testing process, we investigate whether we have succeeded in creating attractive and safe homes for thousands of new and diverse residents: Fungi, insects, bacteria, bugs and birds that nest in cavities. All are welcome!

Our Goals

Five challenges where Vestre Habitats can help to make a difference:

  • 1

    We are probably heading for the sixth mass extinction of natural/biological diversity in the history of life on Earth. More areas which make room for biodiversity are needed.

  • 2

    A high biodiversity is dependent on varied areas. Urban areas can contribute to this by letting nature be nature and by giving plants, animals and fungi the time and space they need to complete their entire life-cycle.

  • 3

    If we are to take care of nature, we must realise that we live in it, and we must learn about it. People must also learn that nature is small, disordered and in the process of breaking down.

  • 4

    Many groups of insects are in decline as a result of a lack of habitats and food. Two key reasons behind this are the decline in diverse cultural landscapes and dead timber.

  • 5

    If we are to prevent a sixth mass extinction, we must have greater awareness, engagement and alternative courses of action. Vestre Habitats represents the start of a long-term process to safeguard biodiversity both in the local neighbourhood and in urban spaces more generally.

Did you know…?

Did you know…

…forests are home to more than 80 percent of all Biodiversity.

Did you know…

…of the over 80,000 tree species, less than 1 percent have been studied for potential use.

Did you know…

...micro-organisms and invertebrates are key to ecosystem services, but their contributions are still poorly known and rarely acknowledge.

Did you know…

…no fewer than 80 percent of people living in rural areas in developing countries rely on traditional plant-based medicines for basic healthcare.

Did you know…

…one million species are at risk of extinction by 2050.

Our Common Task Plan

The UN's sustainability goals are the world's common work plan. Vestre Habitats are based on goals 15 Life on land and 11 Sustainable cities and communities.

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