LEAF is an insect hotel for giving insects a home in the heart of the city. The shape of the product is based on a stylised leaf. The design is minimalistic and also has a sculpture-like character which can easily be placed either alone or in groups.

LEAF can be placed in planters or flowerbeds, on a roof terrace or in a park. The possibilities are almost infinite. The most important thing to remember is to ensure that the biological, species-typical parameters are considered and thus enrich the opportunities for insects to survive in urban environments.

Three versions of the LEAF have been developed. The first version is intended for solitary bees and comprises a suitably shaped block of wood with holes with diameters of 6, 7, and 8 mm, because different species like different diameters. The holes are 150 mm deep because solitary bees lay a long row of female eggs before finishing off with one or two male eggs. If the holes are not long enough, the bees will only lay female eggs!

The second version has a metal cover on the front. The inside is filled with various organic materials chosen to suit different types of insects. The cover keeps the organic material in place and also provides protection against birds and vandalism. The third version is intended for bumblebees and consist of a specially shaped wooden box. The front consists of a sheet of wood with an integrated landing area for the bumblebees. The box has been designed to provide the best possible ventilation and protection for the bumblebees.

The Designer's Motivation: To save insects!

Insects have been in existence for 479 million years and have seen the dinosaurs come and go. Yet they are now struggling to survive. Over 40 percent of the world’s insects are threatened by extinction! For example, ornithologists in Germany have conducted quantitative studies and found that insect numbers declined by no less than 73% between 1989 and the present day! If this trend continues, there will be severe consequences for the future.

In recent years, people have become more personally engaged and want to make a difference. Many people are good at creating insect hotels on balconies and in private gardens. Yet there are innumerable public spaces, particularly in towns and cities, where insects are no longer able to find habitats.

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LEAF product information

Design Alexander Qual / Rethink Studio
Model LEAF single Art. 5903-900/901 with baseplate (A) or anchored by means of concreting (C)
Model LEAF double Art. 5905-900/901 with baseplate (A) or anchored by means of concreting (C)
Select inside options 1) Solitaire bees 2) Insects 3) Bumblebees
Material inside options Wood types- coming
Material rack Hot-dip galvanized steel (901), optional then powder-coated in a RAL Classic colour (900).
RAL colour option Choose from about 200 different RAL Classic colors
Measurement LEAF single H1300 /D170/ B177 mm
Measurement LEAF double H1300 /D 170/ B 400 mm