The Plus, Magnor

The Plus is the largest investment in the Norwegian furniture industry for decades. The factory is a global showcase for sustainability and highly efficient manufacturing. Spectacular architecture, a visitor centre and a 300 acre park will also help to develop Magnor as an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. In this way, Vestre will inspire others to take part in the ‘green shift’.

Vestre Forest Camp
The area around The Plus will be developed into a pleasant and attractive park for both local residents and visitors alike. We plan to erect art installations, educational and historical exhibitions, playgrounds, picnic areas, a viewing tower and a bridge over the Vrangselv river to link the park to Magnor town centre. Here guests can visit cafés and Magnor Glassworks, as well as find local overnight accommodation. Our goal is to have Vestre Forest Camp frequently mentioned on TripAdvisor as a recommended place to visit in Norway.

Hans Børli lyrical forest
Hans Børli is one of Norway's most famous poets, and we think he deserves a lyrical forest in his own home area. In conjunction with the local council, we therefore want to make some of Børli’s most famous poems available to visitors through plaques, displays and activities along the public park’s many pathways.

Welcome to the roof
The Plus's roof will be open to everyone, all year round. Here, visitors can get up close to the factory and its manufacturing processes, as well as experience beautiful natural surroundings. Visitors will access the roof via ramps and stairs that are linked to existing and new forest footpaths. These paths will be built to the universal access standard, so that everyone can use them.

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The limiting factor on bird numbers is not a shortage of food, but a lack of safe holes in which to nest. This problem could be overcome quite easily by putting up more nest boxes.

Where to find us

The little town of Magnor is located in Eidskog municipality in the southern part of Norway’s Innlandet County. Oslo is just 110 km away, and Sweden just a stone’s throw. Kongsvinger is the nearest major town, with 18,000 inhabitants, while Arvika in Sweden has a population of 26,000. This proximity to Sweden is one of the things that delights us about Magnor. For we believe in Scandinavian industrial collaboration and exploiting the strengths of each individual country.