EDGE offers the possibility to create thriving micro habitats by combining different materials like stone, wood, organic matter, soil, different plants and elements of water. In that way an environment where critters can both hide and feed.

The system is available in a range of different sizes and shapes, making it easy to place in different evironments. It can also be delivered with a bench that is mounted on the edge – Vestre Habitats EDGE.

The Designer's Motivation: A place to hide

People and the urban society have a big urge to make all green areas look organised, clean and cultivated.

But we forget that, insects, reptiles and small mammals doesn’t like it neat and tidy. That type of living creatures needs messy nature to survive.

Vestre Habitats DECAY EDGE - LEAF - WINGS

DECAY EDGE product information

Design René Hougaard / ARDE
Model art 5884-900/901 Mål H1000 x L2500 x B2500 mm
Modell art 5886-900/901 H400 x Ø3000M
Model art - coming H1000 x L1250 x 1250 mm
Material Hot-dip galvanized steel (901) optional then powder-coated in a RAL Classic colour (900)

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