The HOUSE bench makes it possible to arrange one or many logs and branches in a organised pile where the slow decay can be experienced by the user.

Old trees represent continuity. They are vital for conserving biodiversity, as they form habitats for many rare insects, fungi, lichen, mosses and plants. Many birds and bats need hollow trees to nest and reproduce in, and birds need resting places.

The Designer's Motivation: Decay is important, so leave old trees and dead wood in situ!

Dying trees and dead wood provide important habitats for nature's decomposers, such as fungi, bacteria and many invertebrates, which are food for insects, which in turn are eaten by birds and animals.

Vestre Habitats HOUSE

HOUSE product information

Design René Hougaard / ARDE
Modell 5826-900/901
Modell 5836-900/901
Materiale Varmforsinket stål (901) + evt polyesterpulverlakk (900) alle RAL Classic-farger