With the PILE bench, surplus materials from the garden in the form of large stones and gravel can easily be arranged to make stone piles.

Adding piles of stones will make a major contribution to urban nature. They can help by indicating level differences or being space-dividing elements, creating differences of scale in parks, which are often very uniform and flat.

Small piles of stones create differences in light, temperature and humidity. They retain the warmth of the sun, benefiting thermophilic insects and bugs.

The Designer's Motivation: Deliberate disorder!

Broken pieces of brick often contain chalk. By using these fragments in landscaping and covering them with nutrient-poor soil, excellent biotopes can be created for plants in calcareous and nutrient-poor areas exposed to sunlight.

The Pile Bench stages a pile of materials placed in nature — create paths and more calcareous areas!

PILE product information

Design René Hougaard / ARDE
Model 5816-900/901 A/C Art 5816A or 5816C
Materiale Varmforsinket stål (901) + evt polyesterpulverlakk (900) - lakkert

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