The limiting factor on bird numbers is not a shortage of food, but a lack of safe holes in which to nest. This problem could be overcome quite easily by putting up more nest boxes.

Many of the birds that nest in cavities find it difficult to find suitable nesting places. This is mainly because many forests are managed very intensively and unsustainably. Old and sick trees are felled and taken away. However, it is precisely these trees which have the natural cavities and cracks which young trees lack.

Many gardens and parks also lack natural nesting opportunities for hole-nesting birds. There are many ways of helping to reduce the shortage of suitable dwellings for birds. One is not to chop down old trees; another is to put up nest boxes.

The Designer's Motivation: Being a bird is not easy!

Birds are vital members of many ecosystems and play an important role in maintaining balance in nature. They help to control pests and act as pollinators.

WINGS product information

Design René Hougaard / ARDE
Model Art. 583-900/901 with baseplate (A) or anchored by means of concreting (C)
Bred fuglekasse: Artikkel 5824-904 Vekt: 18 kg
Høy fuglekasse: Artikkel 5825-904 Vekt: 10 kg
Fugle- og insektskasse Artikkel 5826-904 Vekt: 10 kg
2 meters monteringsstolpe Artikkel 5827-900/901 A/C
3 meters monteringsstolpe Artikkel 5828-900/901 A/C
Stor fotplate/fot D700 mm for 2 meter stolpe Artikkel 5829-900/901 Vekt: 45 kg

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