Milan Design Week 2021

Finally! We are excited to be back in Milan and looking forward to presenting our new factory The Plus and the exhibition ‘Mixed Habitat’ created by the renowned Note Design Studio.

At the Milan Design Week 5.-10. September 2021, Vestre will be showcasing our vision on how to preserve urban biodiversity. City parks and green spaces represent important habitats and Vestre is investigating how we can increase biodiversity in urban spaces through smart furniture design and vegetation interventions. Introducing Vestre Habitats and exciting new product series.

Vestre’s exhibition Mixed Habitat is listed in Wallpaper’s article All you need to know about Milan Design Week 2021

Monday 6th September, AIAPP and Vestre invite you to an after-work event in Opificio 31. Welcome to an evening with inspiring lectures, refreshing conversations accompanied by great food and drinks.

At the event you will meet Luigino Pirola, former AIAPP National President and Jan Christian Vestre, CEO of Vestre. The keynote speaker is Katrine Turner MSc, PhD from the University of Aarhus Denmark. She has worked as a natural resource management consultant in Africa and Denmark. Today, she runs her company Vildskab, hosting her own TV programme and is a biodiversity consultant for urban planners and Vestre Habitats.

Date: Monday 6th September, 6pm
Via Tortona 31, Opificio 31, Milan
RSVP-link: The event is free of charge, RSVP by Wednesday 1st of September



LEAF is an insect hotel for giving insects a home in the heart of the city. The shape of the product is based on a stylised leaf. The design is minimalistic and also has a sculpture-like character which can easily be placed either alone or in groups. Coming in 2022.


The limiting factor on bird numbers is not a shortage of food, but a lack of safe holes in which to nest. This problem could be overcome quite easily by putting up more nest boxes. Coming in 2022.


With the PILE bench, surplus materials from the garden in the form of large stones and gravel can easily be arranged to make stone piles. Coming in 2022.


The LOG bench makes it possible to arrange one or many logs and branches in an organised pile where the slow decay can be experienced by the user. Coming in 2022.

Where to find us

Via Tortona 31, Opificio 31, Milano